Wednesday, July 21, 2010

even if my most of my posts make you think I am.

I know I am pretty much a typical "mommy blogger".  My kids take up most of my world with the other parts being my husband and friends. There are some times that I have an opinion on something that isn't kid related and I need to start sharing them with you more often.

I thinking of starting a day of the week called "What The Hell?" Like "What The Hell Wednesdays" or something like that.  Maybe I'll just have a few random posts here and there called "What The Hell?" I"ll think more about it.

Anyway, this week I read an article about a young singer from the Philippines getting Botox injections for her upcoming role in Glee. You can read the article here. As I read it I of course started thinking "WTH! Seriously?" She is 18 with skin like a baby's ass and she got Botox. Of course her representatives claim it wasn't so she would look young, oh no, they couldn't be honest about it, they make up some excuse of "muscle pain in the jaw". I want to know if it was NOT cosmetic, why did she let cameras film the process? If she was in pain, why subject herself to filming the injections?

So I've though about what it would be like to get Botox, or something similar in a few lines I have on my forehead and that one crappy deep line in between my eyes, but I'm over 30. AND I wouldn't get anything done until after 40. I certainly wouldn't get anything done at age 18. Freaking 18. What The Hell?

What are your thoughts on the article?


Allison and Ben said...

I read that too and could not believe it. Does she really need to go to such drastic means for a role? I'm pretty sure not. What does this teach the younger generation. Honestly what could she have been thinking? Jaw pain my ass.

Lori Knobel said...

Yeah that's a load of crap if you ask me! It's definitely stunts like this that cause the decaying self esteem in women worldwide. Sends the clear (not to mention WRONG) idea that no one can be accepted for their true selves. And that's just plain sad.