Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm a person curious about Easter traditions.

With today being Good Friday for most of the world, and Easter being this upcoming Sunday, I've been thinking about Easter traditions some of YOU might have. We don't really have and "traditions" per say...the Easter Bunny visits, we dye hard-boiled eggs and we usually see my family on Easter Sunday. I know Easter is about more than the Easter Bunny to a lot of you, but since we aren't religious, it is more about spending time with family, and celebrating the beginning of Spring! (Hopefully, there was snow here yesterday) I thought about starting an Easter brunch tradition by making PW's Hot Cross Buns (don't they look yummy?) and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese (ham is traditional for Easter, right? And does anyone know why that is?) But do you think I can really get up early enough to make the Hot Cross Buns so we can eat them while they ARE still Hot? (The answer to that, by the way, is no way in hell.) So, what are YOUR Easter/Spring traditions? Are they something simple I can incorporate into my family "traditions"? Or do you go all out and OTT because you LOVE to celebrate Spring? (I do want to hear about those too, since I can only wish I had the time and energy to be OTT and go all out for Easter.)

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Allison and Ben said...

Yea, I don't think ham is really an Easter tradition more like an American bastardation of the holiday like the Easter Bunny. Since Jewish people don't eat pork products, it's just not kosher. Easter has parts that are focused around passover, which determines the date, and all that. But I could be wrong, might have to google that one myself.

With that being said we served lamb and a variuos amount of other stuff nothing really the same each year. Egg dying, baskets, hunts, church, some of the usual nothing too out of the ordinary.