Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm a fun Mom too!

Or at least sometimes I am. I've tried to set aside some time to make Valentine's day treats with the kids, since well, Valentine's Day is in a week. We still have school Valentine's to put together (so simple this year, I had stickers made with a cute V-Day message and their names. Pick a treat, peel a sticker, stick it on, DONE!) and Valentine Treats for friends to make, but we are slowly getting through what I have planned since: Yesterday, we got a chance to make treats for my family. I subscribe to a food blog that suggested we make Valentine's Day Buttons, out of snap pretzels, candy melting disks, and M&Ms. So simple, and it was something the kids could help with! First you set out the pretzels, then you put a candy disk on each one. Slide them into the oven for 2 minutes, then before they cool off you gently push an M&M into each of the slightly melted candy disks. Once they cool, you can pop one into your mouth, or put them in a cute cellophane bag to give as a gift! I didn't take pics, it was a little crazy with the kids helping and all, but Colleen over at Souffle Bombay has the full recipe, and a cute pic of the finished product. Check it out, and maybe take a moment in the upcoming busy week, to make a treat with the kids!

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Lori Knobel said...

Hey Anjie! I found your blog link on Shannon's page and wanted to holla at ya! =) Fun to find you on here too! I just started up my blog not too long ago and I'm still finding friends on here. Your Valentines treats sound so cute and crafty! I love it! I wish I was more crafty. I don't think I have the patience for it though! lol. Glad to find you on here! Keep in touch!