Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a Mom that is not alone in her feeling of "drowning".

A fellow blogger wrote a post today about the stress she feels as she looks at or thinks about her "To Do List" for Christmas. I could have written the post myself. (Read Mommy Mo' s post "Stiff" here) Every time I check something off my list of things to do before Christmas, I usually add something else. So every time I look at or think about my list, I feel like I am drowning in "to do's". AND these last few days have been so cold, I haven't wanted to leave the house to do errands, or purchase gifts, so I was behind (I have since caught up!) A few drinks, or shots of vanilla Vodka (yum) have helped me de-stress and re prioritize. I've taken things off my list (things that are "extra") and I've changed the way I've wanted to do things (for instance, instead of baking homemade sugar cookies, and using cookie cutters to make shapes, I used a mix and just baked round ones). The kids enjoyed decorating them just as much as if I had stressed out over baking them. And I enjoyed letting them. So I guess I challenge you to take some things off of your lists, change things around a little, have a glass of wine (or a shot of vodka) and enjoy this Christmas season the best you can! Oh, and Thanks Mommy Mo' for the offer to share a couple bottles of wine, I wish I lived closer to you!


Holly said...

Awesome! I made the blog again! So glad you liked the caramel corn. I've binged on it several times this season.

Holly said...

Good for you! You know how I feel about the whole thing. We've had so much more fun the past couple of years by weeding out all the unnecessary junk. Quality time with friends and family is where its at.