Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm a cook that has another enchilada recipe to share.

OK, so this recipe can be made into actual rolled enchiladas but it is the signature dish of a friend that doesn't like rolling enchiladas. So do it either way, whatever floats your boat. It calls for beef, but I am sure you can try it with a pork roast or even chicken breasts. I use the beef roast because I've already got my favorite chicken enchilada recipe (see, here). I've even used the leftover meat for nachos/taco salads and it was divine! I guess it is just an all around useful recipe (thanks Mel!) Mel's Enchilada Casserole 3 cans of Old El Paso enchilada sauce (19 oz can) 6 C shredded cheese (Mexican mix, cheddar, or whatever you like) 12-18 corn tortillas (depending on how many layers/enchiladas you like) 1 3lb. beef roast (or pork) 2 cloves garlic, minced vegetable oil Add 2 Tb. oil to large skillet. Cut roast into 2" pieces and brown on all sides with garlic. Once meat is browned turn heat down to medium and add 1 can enchilada sauce and enough water to cover meat. Cook for 2 hours or until liquid is almost gone. DO NOT LET BOIL OVER, or you'll never get it off your cooktop. Shred the meat (it will look hard to do, but if you've cooked it long enough it will be so easy!). Spray 9x13 dish with cooking spray. Use 1/2 C enchilada sauce and cover bottom of dish. Lay down 3-4 tortillas, overlapping them. Put about 1/2 C enchilada sauce on top. Cover with meat and sprinkle with a large handful of cheese. Repeat until you run out of ingredients. (Or place approx 1/3 cup meat on tortilla and roll like an enchilada). Bake in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes. Enjoy! Next week I'll have my very first chicken enchilada recipe. I still make it every so often, it is kind of a "go-to" recipe since I usually have all of the ingredients handy!

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