Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have been thinking

I have been thinking a little bit about sending our kids off into the world. OK, maybe not the "real" world, but at least the preK world. Even though my son started his second year of preK, I have some friends who are sending their kids out into that world for the first time. I wonder how each of them will react, and I also wonder if I reacted in the "proper" way.
I didn't cry, I didn't feel sad, I was actually HAPPY! I had four hours a week to do all the things I couldn't get done when my son was home! Oh Joyous day! Then I started thinking....what if he isn't polite like I taught him? What if he hits and bites and is mean to the other kids? What if....? It took me a little while to realize my "what ifs?"weren't about his behavior, but in my ability as a parent. I knew I had taught him the things I wanted him to learn, but would he use them the way I wanted him to? That plagued me for a few months until I realized that if any of my fears had merit his teacher would have called me in for a conference. Now not only do I revel in my "one less kid" joy, I also am proud of my role in helping him become the smart independent person I want him to be. If that isn't the "proper" was to react to your kid going out into the "real world", then I don't want to be "proper". Ever!


Katie said...

I cried the first time I saw my son walk into the classroom at preschool with his far-too-big backpack and a sweet little wave "bye" to me. But you can rest assured that when he goes back this year, it will be a happy day...for both of us!

And your son is very sweet and well-mannered. Obviously the result of good parenting. :-)

Kristen said...

I completly agree with you. I almost felt guilty because I didn't cry, no heartache. Nothing. Maybe I'm heartless. Who knows?!

You make me laugh. You write like you talk, very eloquently. How's that for a big word at six in the morning!!!