Friday, May 2, 2008

Fight The Frump Friday-Taking Care of your "Stems"

Since summer is upon us…time to keep those Gams in tip top shape! Whether you wear shorts, or Capris, or even a cute short skirt (I found one I am dying to wear…but the weather isn’t cooperating!) you need to keep those legs as “shorts, shorts” ready as possible!

I personally shave these stems of mine, and I try to do it every few days. Some of you may “Nair” or “Veet” (anyone try that?) or wax, or even use “Nads” on those luscious legs of yours. I also try to use a self- tanner, and the one I love right now is from Coppertone, and the best thing about it is the gradual tanning (now, if I can only remember to use it every night!) Oh, and don't forget to use a body scrub on your legs to exfoliate before you apply that makes your legs look oh, so sexy!

So go out there and find a great hair removal product to make your legs smooth as silk, and get them ready for summer, by giving them some much needed color!

Oh…and if any of you have some tips for the rest of us…just comment! I love trying new things!

PS...I am sucking it up and linking to "Fussy" check out her FTF along with all the Friends of Fussy FTF posts too!


Darla said...

The only thing I don't like about self-tanners is the smell (and they ALL smell).

Katie said...

What I wouldn't give for great legs. Hell, even decent legs. But even with my not so attractive ones, I do actually bother to shave them every day during the summer (that Veet stuff doesn't work very well, IMO) and I do use self-tanner (no need to blind the neighbors at the pool with the two fat ghosts attached to my body). And I've actually found a few self-tanners that smell good: Bath & Body works, Neutrogena, and more expensive brands.

Valarie said...

I really do need to use self tanner more often. I have tried the coopertone stuff and liked it. Probably need to go get some more.

Sun Tea for Sinners said...

Will Veet scrape off my cottage cheese thighs?? I'm looking for something that will do that. I don't care if it smells. It can smell like a crab boat on a hot summer day, I will use it. Please get back with me ASAP. This matter is marked URGENT.

Carrott said...

sun tea-

I am guessing that "Veet" doesn't scrape anything off of your legs. Just ask your lil sis...she's the only one that will admit to using it.